Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2 on Tuesday

It didn't take a lot for Abby to convince me to sign up for the Rock n Roll Philly Half.  It will be my first week of Dopey training and I already had a 13 mile run on the schedule.  Why not run a half with friends for my long run?  Only (possible) issue is that I assumed the start was 7 am... it's actually 8 am.  Which wouldn't be bad normally (more sleep, yay!) except for the fact that I have a family event starting at 12:30 outside of Trenton and need to be on a train by 11:30.  It will be quick back to the hotel post race for me and the worlds fastest shower.  I'll probably be doing my makeup on the train as well.  Fingers crossed it all works out ok!

When I was at Costco two weekends ago, I picked up these.  I've had the Skinny Cow ice cream before, but never the treats.  I have to say, these are my new favorite afternoon snack.  The box came with 4 varieties and each have 100-140 calories.  A perfect little chocolate pick me up.  I've been bringing them in to work and it's really been helping me avoid the afternoon slump.  Next time I am at Costco, I will definitely pick up another of these boxes!


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry about that. Do you know if our hotel is close to a train station?

    1. It's my own fault - I should have looked before I did it! But yes, the hotel is about 1.5 mi from the finish and just over a mile to the train station. I just can't dillydally after the race! I am sure it will be fine :)