Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Miami Food Machine

I tend to get the same thing for lunch (when I don't bring, which is more then it should be) - either a salad from the deli, a sandwich from Cosi or Potbelly or sometimes Chipotle.  And I always tend to choose the same items.

But yesterday, when I went to get lunch, there was a new food truck in front of my office (at least new to me, I had never seen it before).  The Miami Food Machine.  Feeling impulsive, I decided to check it out.

They keep it simple - not too many choices on the menu.  Either pressed sandwiches or rice bowls.  Meat options are chicken, pork or steak, each with a different sauce.  I wanted pork (16 hour roasted pork with a sour orange mojo) but unfortunately they did not have it yesterday.  Instead, I went with the steak option: thin sliced rib-eye sauteed with garlic, herbs and chili flakes in a chimichurri sauce.  I got it in bowl form which also included white rice, black beans, shredded lettuce, sauteed mojo onions and fried plantains.

It was made pretty quickly and was a nice size portion.  I also added cheese to mine.  It was quite good - the steak was nicely cook and the chimichurri sauce was flavorful without being overpowering.  It kept me full all afternoon. Not too unhealthy either; don't eat the fried plantains and it would be even healthier.

Overall, I give the Miami Food Machine 2 thumbs up.  Next time they are in front of the building I will definitely go back for the pork.

Miami Food Machine

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