Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2 on Tuesday

YAY!  It's April.  March is finally over.  Man that month took for-ever.  Seriously forever.  Anyway, here's to warmer weather and no more snow!  I think we can all raise a glass to that, right?

It's been all over the internet and I've shared my feelings on the issue - Tutu Gate (yes, I made that up).  I was happy to read on Monday upon returning from Kentucky that Self owned up to the mistake and is discontinuing the BS Meter in the magazine.  The editor-in-chief also interviewed Monika and talked about her story and how we can support woman, not bullying them.  You can read the full article here and let's all #ChangeTheConversation and #KeepItPositive.

I am a big fan of Graeter's Ice Cream.  And while we can get it in the grocery store, it's pretty expensive and not the same as getting it in the shop.  We managed to go twice while in Kentucky this past weekend.  It was as amazing as I remembered.  Even more amazing?  Coozie's for your ice cream pint.  Solves the dilemma of the ice cream melting or the cardboard getting soggy.  Such a great idea.  Can't wait to use mine!

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