Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2 on Tuesday

After how bad my legs were hurting me the last 2 weeks, I finally went out and bought some compression socks.  I went with hot pink (because, why not?).  I haven't been wearing them to run, but after my runs to help with recovery.  I have to admit my legs do feel better after I am wearing them, so that's good (this was also a really low week, so take what you will).  I definitely think these will be part of my recovery process moving foward!

My friend Vanessa (the one I visit in SF in June for the SF Half) is adorably pregnant.  She's like the cutest pregnant woman ever.  And just last week she told us she is going to be having a boy!  Even though we live on opposite coasts, I still planning on spoiling him from a distance.  I started this week by sending her 2 different "Mustachifiers".  One black (above) and one brown.  I'm sorry, how freaking cute are they?  I can't wait for him to be born so I can see him using them!


  1. My calves are acting up this training season, too. I love my compressions for recovery!

    1. What is it about calves this training season? I've never had it before! Loving the compressions so far!