Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two for Tuesday

In honor of today's date, this week's Two for Tuesday will be a little different.  Rather then 2 things, I will share 2 memories.  It's hard to believe it's been 11 years since 9/11.

9/11 Memorial
I finally visited the 9/11 Memorial this past summer with some family in town.  My youngest cousin (who was with us) was only a couple months old when it happened and doesn't remember a time with the towers.  I do.  In fact, when I was growing up, my grandparents lived in Battery Park (about a stones throw from the Towers) and being only 2 hours away, we used to visit them all the time.  We would always play in Battery Park, the World Financial Center and the World Trade Center (annoying all the business people I am sure).  It was just part of life.

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the plane hit the first tower.  I was a freshmen in college and at the time my plan in life was graduate and move to NYC (and I did!).  I was sitting in my split double dorm room at Syracuse University's Day Hall (Rm 342) finishing an assignment for my Writing 105 class.  For some reason, as I was typing on my computer, I felt a strong urge to turn on the radio.  Very strange because I usually listened to music on my computer.  But I turned it on.  And the first thing I heard was the DJ saying, we are not sure what happened, but a plane just hit the World Trade Center.  And then shortly after that another plane had hit the other tower.  I was in shocked.  I can't even remember if I finished the assignment.  I did go to class and no one really knew what had happened.  I remember the professors (there were 2 for that class) did try and teach until someone interrupt to tell them what was going on.  At that point, I think most classes for the day were done.  I remember milling around the quad and attending a service at Hendricks Chapel, but most of the rest of the day was a blur.

Where were you 11 years ago today?

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