Thursday, September 12, 2013

Race Recap: Disneyland 10K

We are having another heatwave here in NYC - it was over 90 yesterday!  I am dying for fall to start already (although winter follows fall and we all know how I feel about that!).

Yesterday, I recapped the expo and today I am back with a recap of Inaugural Disneyland 10K.  Let's get right to it.

The morning started bright and early with the alarm going off at 4:30.  Even though it was insanely early, I wasn't even tired since we had gone to bed at 8:30 the night before (bless you jetlag!).

I made my pre-race breakfast of oatmeal (brought from home) using hot water from the coffee maker (I just run a cycle without the coffee).  I am such a nerd - I even brought my own measuring cup so I would put the right amount of water in.  I ate it while I got dressed.  I had laid all my clothing out the night before so it was nice and easy.

Pam accidentally pinned her number on upside down
After finishing breakfast and getting dressed (I was going as Minnie for the 10K), we headed down to the race.  We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel so the start/finish area was only a 5 minute walk away.  Such a nice change from the Florida races where you have to get on a bus hours before the race!

We hung out briefly in the pre-start area where we say Abby rocking her Mad Hatter outfit!  Such a cute outfit for the 10K since it was themed the Wonderland 10K!

Photo courtesy of Pam
It was about this time they started to announce to head to the corrals.  I said my goodbye's to Pam and Abby and started to make my way to the A corral.  I have no idea why they started announcing to head to the corrals as they were not open.  We just got penned in another area waiting.  I hear it's because there were still 5Ker's starting, but still wasn't ideal.  After about 10 minutes, we were able to get into the corrals.

Once there the announcers started to get going to prepare for the start.  Since the 5K and 10K started only 45 minutes about and we were delayed getting into the corrals, there was only about 10 minutes before Corral A was supposed to start.

Alice and the Mad Hatter help kick things off!
While waiting in the corral's, I got my siting of Joey Fatone to complement my siting in January.  This one wasn't as good, but I am still counting it!

He's in the green shirt with stripped arm warmers taking a selfie
After the National Anthem, they sent us off "through the rabbit hole!" (via a video screen).  Since it didn't start until 6:15am it was already light out.  I have to say, it was weird starting a Disney race in the light.

The course started by heading towards the Anaheim Good Neighbor hotels and past California Adventure.  We hit mile 2 right before heading into DCA.

Since I knew I had a half still to run the second day, I was trying to take it easy, but I definitely went out to fast at the beginning.  It's all that adrenaline of starting in a group of people!  I knew there would be lots of opps for photo's in the parks and I figured waiting in the character lines would force my pace slower.  I was running with my phone purposely for this reason (sorry now for all the photo's!).

We heading into DCA through past the backside of Radiator Springs Racers and into Cars Land.  Cars Land was not open when I was there for Tink in 2012 so this was my first look at it.  Let me just say, I was excited to come back for real!  I stopped for several photo opps while in Cars Land.

With the firetruck from Cars
Lightning McQueen and Mator!
After Cars Land we headed to Paradise Pier.

They left the World of Color lights on and everything looked so pretty!

In Paradise Pier they had Woody and Jessie by Midway Mania.  They didn't have a long line so had to get a shot!

After my photo opp with Woody and Jessie, we made the full loop of Paradise Pier and headed towards Grizzly Peak and then into Hollywood Land.  They did have the gang from Monsters U there, but the line was like 20 people long and I just didn't want to wait.

We then moved through a back exit and into the back of DCA.  We took a service road under a little tunnel and back up (the only "hills" for the whole 10K) and into Disneyland.  We headed in through the main gates and down Main Street.  I could not get over how empty Main Street was - I am used to World races where it's packed with cheering people.  I was also surprised they had an actual water stop inside the park (right as you hit Main Street).  I know they don't do that in World (so they don't have to clean up the cups before the park opens).

A note on the water stations.  On a normal day, 3 would be fine for a 10K - if they included Powerade.  The stations were 100% water and it was too hot for no electrolytes.  It was just insane out.  I could have used some Powerade at this point.

At the end of Main Street I had to stop for a photo with the Castle and Mickey and Walt in the background.  This is definitely one of my favorite photo's from the race.

From Main Street we headed into Tomorrowland and past the Matterhorn, it's a small world and a backstage area before heading into Toon Town.  These ladies were holding court here.

Next up was Fantasyland which the gang from Alice in Wonderland were to be found.  I had to stop for a photo since this was their race.  Fortunately there was not a huge line when I was there, but I know people in other corrals experienced a long one.


Running through the Castle is always one of my favorite things and did not disappoint!  We headed into Frontierland next and I got a shot with Western Chip n Dale.

At this point, we were already at mile 5.5 - it had flown by!  We headed out of Disneyland and through Downtown Disney towards the finish.  I saw some of the Sparkle Athletic ladies who gave me a nice cheer (thanks ladies!).  Feeling great, I pushed on to the finish and crossed with a big smile on my face.  I was officially half way to my Dumbo medal!

Just after crossing the finish line and getting my medal, I spotted Sean Astin and couldn't resist taking a picture.  He was super nice and indulged me in a sweaty pic. Thanks Sean for being a good sport!

After that I headed to get my Dumbo bracelet (now I had 2, C2C and Dumbo) and made my way through the finishers chute, picking up some water, getting my finishers photo and post race box of food.  This box was different then the one in Florida.  Not sure which one I liked better.  I am leaning towards Florida as I know I didn't eat everything in the boxes (I usually do).

Since the hotel was right there, it was short walk back to our room.  I stretch, drank my recovery drink and showered for a partial day in the park!  We spent the morning at Disneyland doing some of the bigger rides (Matterhorn, Space Mountain, etc).  We then came back and spend some time at the pool and napping.

We concluded our day at Naples in Downtown Disney where we filled up on pasta and were in bed by 9pm.  Had an early wake-up call the next morning!

Overall, I really enjoyed this race.  The course was well designed and I loved that most of it took place in the parks and there were lots of characters on the course.  They have some things to fix with the start (if they are going to continue to do the 5 and 10Ks on the same day, they will have to separate them more), but overall I had a blast at this race!  First runDisney 10K in the books - glad I got to be apart of the inaugural one.

Disneyland 10K Medal and Pin
Up tomorrow, my recap of the Disneyland Half Marathon!

Official results: 6.2 mi, 1:01:34, 9:55 pace
Garmin results: 6.28 mi, 1:01:35, 9:48 pace