Monday, September 16, 2013

Training recap week of 9/9 (Week 1 Dopey)

Well... here we go!  I honestly cannot believe training has already started.  Eek!  It's really happening!

Week 1 and I already skipped a workout.  In my defense, it was definitely a wise decision.  I came home, changed quickly but by the time I got outside it was pitch black and there was thunder and lightning.  Not the safest conditions to be running in.  Yes, I want to get my runs in but safety first.  It was the right decision (by the time I got back to my apartment is was pouring and it storms for close to 45 minutes).

This week was a mix of good and bad.  My runs during the week felt crappy.  My legs just felt heavy and paces that should have been easy felt tough.  But that all went away for a great Philly Half.  I probably pushed it a little too much though 'cuz I am hurting today!


Scheduled: Off
Actual: Off

Scheduled: 3 miles easy pace (10:44 - 11:44)
Actual: 3.01 miles, 32:17, 10:44 pace

Scheduled: 5 mile tempo run (9:44)
Actual: 5 miles tempo, 6 miles total
Paces: 9:44, 9:43, 9:48, 10:59, 10:17

This run did not go great.  My legs felt so heavy during this.

Scheduled: 3 miles easy pace (10:44 - 11:44)
Actual: Off

Skipped due to the thunderstorm going on outside.  Safety first!

Scheduled: Rest 
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 3 miles easy pace (10:44 - 11:44)
Actual: 1.62 miles, 17:20, 10:42 pace

I was having some stomach issues (let's leave it at that, shall we?) so I cut this run short

Scheduled: Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon (13.1 miles)
Actual: 13.24 miles, 1:55:04, 8:42 pace

Despite how my legs felt during the week, this Sunday I felt great.  I'll be back with a full recap, but all my speed work this summer really came together.  I probably should not have raced this given the fact my training should be focused on Dopey, but I did anyways.  It felt really great to get that 1:55.  Luckily there are all easy runs on the schedule this week!

Total miles: 23.86 
Total September miles: 42.70

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