Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2 on Tuesday

No words can describe how happy I was when I came home from Disneyland and found this copy of EW in my mailbox.  I love HIMYM and was so glad to see they made the cover!  It had a full preview of the upcoming (final) season as well as a review of all the past seasons.  I am sad this is going to be the last season, but I still can't wait for it to come back.

Sorry guys (men), you might want to skip this one.  I had been having trouble finding my sports bra lately and a little research online informed me that Moving Comfort had discontinued it!  I am pretty picky about my sports bra's and love this one.  So I did the only rational thing - I went online and bought six.  I figure that should last me a while.  I might even go and order some more if I can find them.


  1. Which Moving Comfort is that? PS- The Clymb is having a sale on a bunch of styles right now, too!

    1. It's the Phoeboe A/B. There is a Phoeboe still on their website, but it's listed at 'New' and is no longer high impact. It also has a hook closure which I dislike.

      Thanks - I'll check the Clymb!