Monday, November 18, 2013

Training recap week of 11/11 (Dopey Week 10)

I'm alive!  Back from all my travels and still exhausted.  Hoping to check up on sleep soon.

Well, 10 weeks down... it was about time my schedule went out the window.  With my last minute work travel, my schedule got a bit screwed up this week.  But in all honesty, this was probably the best week for me to travel to force me off my schedule.  Coming back from Disney, my left quad was really tight.  Like slightly painfully tight.  If I had been home, I probably would have run.  But traveling allowed me an excuse to skip my run and it was probably best for me to give my legs a little to recover.

Scheduled: Rest or Cross Training
Actual: Does lots of walking in Disney count?

Scheduled: 4 miles easy pace (10:09 - 11:09)
Actual: 4.00 miles, 41:52, 10:28 pace

Scheduled: 8 miles easy pace (9:09ish)
Actual: Off

Scheduled: 4 miles easy pace (10:09 - 11:09)
Actual: Off 

Moved this run to Saturday

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: 4.00 miles, 41:22, 10:21 pace

Scheduled: Philadelphia Half Marathon
Actual: 13.25 miles, 2:03:55, 9:21 pace

This half was much easier than last week during the Wine and Dine.  Goes to show some runs are better then others!

Total miles: 21.24
Total November miles: 75.60

How did your training go last week?  Hit the comments and let me know!

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