Saturday, November 30, 2013

Attempting to psych myself up...

I am sitting at my mom's kitchen table right now attempting to psych myself up for my 12 mile run.  I had no problem getting out of bed at an early hour (6:15am), so what is the problem?  This lovely weather report:

At least it's warmer than last week, right?

The other issue is I still don't know a ton of routes to run here.  When I was growing up here, I didn't run.  I usually just run around the neighborhood, but it gets so boring.  It's like a 3 mile loop (or something).

So this morning I am going to be trying something new.  My mom told me there is a new trail (or she just noticed it, not 100% sure) not far from her house.  A little googling tells me it's just over 5 miles.  I figured I'd rather do 2 of those and then a little extra to get to my 12 then loops of the neighborhood.  Hopefully it's flat and not windy out!

In other news, I had a solid time in my 5K outing on Thursday - just over an 8 minute per mile pace.  Woohoo!  I'll have a full recap coming up.

Until then, happy Saturday!

Did anyone brave the Black Friday crowds?
I did not, I took my niece to see Frozen instead.

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