Wednesday, January 28, 2015

50 States Challenge: Year 2 Recap

As I mentioned briefly in this weeks training recap, my birthday was this past weekend.  As I get another year older, year 2 of my 50 States Challenge comes to an end.  Which means, it's time for my annual recap.

I started this year with 14 states done and was able to get 5 more states completed in 2014.  Those five states were:

Kentucky - Run The Bluegrass Half Marathon
- District of Columbia - Nike Women's Half Marathon DC
Minnesota - Grandma's Marathon
- Oregon - Eugene Half Marathon
- Maryland - Baltimore Half Marathon

With the completion of these 5 states, I am officially 38% towards my goal.  So close to being half way done!

Per my 2015 goals, I want to complete another 5 states this year.  I already have 2 states on the calendar (North Carolina and Washington).

This feels about as good as a time as any to announce 2 more states.  I'll be running the Madison Half Marathon (Wisconsin) during Memorial Day weekend.  My cousin and her husband are living in Madison right now, so it will be a fun weekend for sure!

I am also going to be running the Route 66 Marathon (yes, marathon) in November, which is in Oklahoma.  I haven't registered yet - registration doesn't open until February 9th, but as soon as it does, I'll be signing up.

Still have 1 more state to go for this year.  I have a couple floating around and my Rock n Roll Tour Pass still has 1 state on it, so would like to combine those if possible.  I'll let you all know once it's decided!

Completion map has been updated as well!  Definitely need to work on my states in the middle of the country.


  1. Wow, what a lofty goal! This is great! I'm working on my RnR tour pass too and can't decide which ones to run! -M

    1. Thanks - it's pretty intense, but I love having a goal to work for! Let me know which RnR races you do!