Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wine and Dine Half Marathon Expo

Wine and Dine is one of my favorite runDisney races and this year did not disappoint!

Race weekend started with a visit to the expo.  The expo was on par with most runDisney expo's.  They had some fun race weekend decorations out, which of course required a photo!

And because this weekend is all about the food and drink, we started the day off with a beer at the expo!  I don't know if they've done this at previous years, but they had colored cups for the beer.  I've gotten them at all the other races (except Everest) so had to get one this time.  Plus, beer!

After getting our beer, we went to packet pick-up.  The lines weren't bad and we got in and out pretty quickly.  The merchandise section at packet pick-up was already gone.  Like completely empty of all things.

We made our way into the main pavilion and got our race shirts.  They were maroon this year and I really liked the design.  

After that we made a quick trip through the merchandise.  Fortunately, Abby had already picked me up my Sweaty Bands, so I didn't have to worry about getting those!  She also got my mini medal pin.

Even so, I still couldn't resist myself.  I ended up with a new mug, a new magnet and the 'I Did It' shirt.  I seem to always get the 'I Did It' shirt from this race.  Can't let the tradition slide!

After the merchandise area, we made our way through the rest of the expo, mostly doing window shopping.  I was strong and didn't buy anything else!

Up next, my Wine and Dine recap (finally!).


  1. Oh, Wine & Dine, I want to run you so badly!!! I'm hoping to finally run it this year. Looking forward to your race recap.

    1. It's definitely one of my favorite WDW races! Better late then never, right?