Friday, January 9, 2015

Wine & Dine After Party

One of my favorite parts of the Wine & Dine race is the after party.  And, since it's included in your registration, this race feels like more bang for (your crazy expensive)  race fee!

This after party is always a great time, but this year it was a little emptier because of the rain.  It did stop for a little bit, but mostly, it rained the whole time.

After finishing, I bee-lined straight for the restrooms in Epcot.  I needed to get in some dry and warmer clothing.  Once that was done, I felt like a new person.

I was the first in our group to finish, so I took a walk around the countries and got some food and drink (and did some rides just to stay warm!).  The drinking also helped staying warm!

One of the best parts of this after party is that they have some unique characters out (just like the race!).  After meeting up with Michelle when she was done, we (of course) had to do a lap and get some photo's in!

I love the guys from Ratatouille!  They had some fun playing with my heatsheet!

Abu tried to steal my headband (as Aladdin said, it's the same color as a ruby)!

And of course some photo's with a jazz playing alligator, a wooden boy and Dopey!

Once we'd had all we could take of the cold and rain, we made our way back to the hotel!

Another successful Wine & Dine in the books!


  1. The after party makes me want to run this all the more! Looks so fun!

    1. The after party is definitely one of the best parts of this race! And when the weather cooperates, it's awesome!