Thursday, May 1, 2014

Race Recap: Lager Jogger 5K

A race that involves Yuengling?  Count me in!

Lager Jogger 5K
April 12, 2014

The race was on Saturday AM, so I headed to Philly to spend the weekend with Kasey on Friday night.  Even though the race started at 9am, we still needed to pick up our numbers (which ended at 8:30) - and oh did I mention it was 2 hours away?  So, a 5:30 wake up was needed.  It was hard to tell what the temp would be so Kasey and I basically brought like 3 outfits.

The drive was pretty easy, but did involve some pretty backroads.  Whoa rural PA.  They had provided plenty of information prior to the race, so we knew exactly where parking was.  All parking was free downtown so that made it easy.  We were able to park in the garage right next to the start.

After parking, we went and picked up our numbers and swag bag.  We got some nice shirts (although men's sizing, so even the small was big on us) and awesome pint glasses.  One side with the logo and one side with "Will run for beer".  My kind of pint glass.

After picking up our stuff, we dropped it in the car and headed to the start.  One last trip to the bathroom and off to the start.  They had the whole street blocked off for the race and it was pretty crowded.  There was a good turn out!

After the National Anthem, the race was started by the current president of Yuengling.  It was pretty great that he came out!

Since it was a 5K, I was hoping to race it to get an idea of where my fitness was at.  But, there was no elevation map online and I naively assumed it was flat.  Soooo not flat.

Almost the entire first mile was uphill.  It wasn't crazy steep, but still up hill.  After a brief (like 30 seconds) downhill, we went back up hill.  And then it turned and went up hill some more.  I was still trying to push it but didn't want to go to all out and hurt myself.

The last mile was downhill, but it was crazy steep and I took it easy because I was worried about tripping over my feet on the downhill.

In the end, I was pleased with my time.  Given how hilly it was (even though I didn't know it), I was happy with it.  It was hard, but I earned it.

The after party was also pretty fun!  We got two free beers with our entry and they had all sorts of food booths out.  We got a delicious philly pretzels (warmed on a grill) with yellow mustard (only yellow mustard, trust me on this one) and some Yuengling ice cream.  I got the 'Black and Tan' which was Salted Caramel and Chocolate.  Holy cow was that amazing!

very excited about that pretzel
The good stuff.  Seriously. 
We hung out at the after party for a bit, but had to head back to Philly around 10:30.  If you are in the area and are looking for a fun 5K (and like beer), I would definitely check out the Lager Jogger!

Official: 3.1 mi, 25:36, 8:15 pace
Garmin: 3.18 mi, 25:38, 8:03 pace

Of course we had to take a photo in front of the giant blow up

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