Friday, May 30, 2014

Race recap: Expedition Everest Challenge Part 1: 5K

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Expedition Everest 5K
May 3, 2014

Unfortunately, the weather didn't really cooperate on Saturday either.  During the day it rained on and off, but was predicted to stop by the time the race started Saturday night at 10pm.  When we headed to the race start at 9pm, it was only misting.  Since it was only in the 60's, this was not really ideal weather.

We got to the start area pretty quickly - staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge was so convenient!  After checking our bags and using the bathroom one last time, we headed to the start area.

This was were the race got not so fun.  Since the theme is Everest they had it set up like the race.  And someone (not so brillantly) decided to create fake snow.  When we started walking towards our corral it was misting, but the time we got to the corral it was pretty wet.  The combination of the fake snow and rain made it really rainy.  And since it was so cold, waiting for the start was freezing.  I get the idea, but if it's not 80... maybe don't do it?

Can't really tell, but it's raining.  A lot.
We were in corral B, so we didn't have to wait long.  I said goodbye to Pam and her mom (who were doing the challenge together) and headed off.  Once we cleared the start - it was not raining.  At all.  So in other words, all the rain was from their "fake" snow.  So annoying!

The first obstacle was just under a mile in.  We had to jump over hay barrels.  I can't remember exactly how many there were, but my guess is 6 to 8 rows.  They were pretty low to the ground, so not too challenging!

Following the hay barrels, the course headed into Animal Kingdom.  We headed in through the front gates and then went towards Asia.  Just past Discovery Island I spotted Chip and Dale in their camp gear finest!

We made a right hand turn at Asia and I spotted Rafiki.  No line, so I quickly stopped for a photo.

After Rafiki, the course took us towards Everest and past the Finding Nemo theatre.  We took a hard left turn and headed out of Animal Kingdom.  Just outside the gates was Baloo.

Just Baloo was Mickey!  He had no line, so I had to take advantage of a photo.

After Mickey, we headed for a short out and back behind Everest.  This is where obstacle #2 was located.  It tires! They were pretty easy since it just involved hopping through them.  Although I did almost trip on one of them #thatwouldhavebeenawkward

After the tires, the course turned around and we headed back to the parking lot where the finish was.  Shortly before the finish was the last obstacle - crawling under a net.  Since it had rained earlier, it was kinda wet, but they had put down a tarp so you weren't crawling on mud.

After that, I headed towards the 5K finish.  I wasn't doing this one for time, so I wasn't really watching my pace or anything during the 5K.  It was nice just to enjoy it.

My watch did put the course at 2.9 miles - definitely short of the 3.1.  Usually are long, this is the first time (at a Disney race) where the course has been short.  Since it was a fun run for me, didn't really bother me!

Official: 3.1 mi, 27:53, 8:59 pace
Garmin: 2.9 mi, 27:53, 9:41 pace

I'll be pack with Part 2 soon - the Scavenger Hunt!

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