Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nike Women's DC - Expotique

Since I was going to be racing this race, I knew I would be stressed out and anxious.  To make it easier on myself (and save everyone from my freak outs), I decided to take the train down and back.  It was definitely a little more money then I would have liked to have spend, but it really worked best for my stress levels.  Megan joined me on the train in Philly and we both relaxed until we arrived in DC.

After arriving in DC, we headed to the hotel, dropped our backs off (rooms were ready, yay!) and headed to the Expotique.  It was held in Georgetown not far from the Nike store, which I get, but was really not convenient.  We took the subway as close as we could, but then it was another 10-15 minute walk.

Upon arriving, first thing we did was head to number pickup.  Megan had done the race the year before and said number pickup was a disaster - she waited over an hour!  They seemed to have gotten the kinks out because this year number pickup was smooth as butter.  There were maybe 30 people in line when we got there and it moved quickly.

Not too bad of a line
After picking up our numbers, we headed to the shirt pickup.  In a change from previous years, they did not give your shirt at the finish line, but instead pick them up at number pick up.  I have to say, I really liked that you got them at the finish line.  I really liked the shirt, but wished it would have been a finishers shirt.  We also got a nice goody bag with same Luna Bars and shampoo samples.  The shampoo smells amazing!

The goody bag.
Following shirt pickup, we headed to Niketown to do some damage.  It wasn't too crowded and they still had plenty of merch left.  Megan had said last year it was really picked over by Saturday afternoon, so they seemed to have learned their lesson.

Lots of ladies shopping!

I really had hoped not to buy too much, but of course I have no self control.  I really loved the branding this year and could not resist!  Here's what I picked up.

A cotton short sleeve top (grey one on left).  I had absolutely no need for this, but I love the saying! On the right, a DriFit long sleeve run top.  Could not resist this color. Holy cow is it bright!

And my collection of waterbottles and headbands grows!  Seriously, I have a problem.  #someonehelpme

I also picked up a new pair of running socks.  My socks are all getting to the end of their lifecycle, so these were needed.

I had also picked up the above 2 items prior to the race.  I just loved them both!  Was hoping this would be all I got... but no such luck.  I love race gear, what can I say? 

After doing all our shopping, we headed back to the expo.  Since the race is all Nike focused, it's not a huge expo.  They finally added in a running shop so if you forgot gu's or something you could pick it up (I don't remember that from my two SF events).  They also had Nuun sampling (they'd be on course), sign making and hair braiding.  

I picked up two tubes of Nuun, which I did need, but really just wanted the adorable water bottle.  #seriouslyhelpme

After that, we headed back to the hotel.  Both Megan and I really wanted to get off our feet and relax a bit before loading up on some pasta!

Up tomorrow - the race recap!

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