Friday, January 31, 2014

Princess Medals

We are only 3 weeks until Princess!  I am really looking forward to this weekend.  Outside of the fact that I'll be in Disney and with family, I am mostly looking forward to the warmer weather!  After this polar vortex, I am so in need of warm weather!

Since we are 3 weeks out, let's talk about the bling I am going to be getting!  I meant to do this post sooner, but, you know, life got in the way.

When runDisney first posted the medals, I have to admit, I was not totally in love with them.

via runDisney facebook page
But, once I got to see them in person, I feel in love with them!  It wasn't even in actual person - Abby got a peek at them during the NYC Marathon expo and in her photo's the medals looked great.  I am not sure who does runDisney's medal photo's, but they should find someone else.  It does not showcase them in the best light.

Anyway, even beyond Abby's photo's, I got to see them in person at both the Wine and Dine and Marathon weekend expo's.

Enchanted 10K -
photo courtesy of Abby
I really like this one.  I love the carriage and the slightly purple on the 10K.  I also feel like it is in line with the overall branding of the weekend.

Princess Half -
Photo courtesy of Abby
I love that it is different then last year, but they haven't made too many drastic changes to it.  I have to admit this is one of my favorite medals.  I originally wanted to do this race solely because I wanted a Disney medal with a tiara on it.

Glass Slipper Challenge -
Photo courtesy of Abby
Out of the 3 Princess medals I'll be getting, this is my least favorite.  I wish it was actual glass - how cool would that have been?!?  At least inaugural is spelled right (hello, Minnie 10K bibs?).  But overall, I do like it.  I also really like that the colors for all 3 medals coordinate.

What are your thoughts on the Princess weekend medals?

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  1. I fully agree- The Challenge medal is my least favorite.