Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dopey Costumes

With only a couple of days left until Dopey, I have finally finished my costumes!  I got crafty with one of them and I won't lie - it took much longer than I anticipated.  But it's done now and let me say, phew.

For the 5K, I am going to be Ms. Incredible.  It was an easy one to put together - I ironed on the logo and Pam nicely created some black calf sleeves to go with it.  I am going to try and pick up a black Sparkle Athletic skirt at the expo, but even without one I think it works.

For the 10K, I am reusing my Minnie costume that I used in Disneyland.  I know it's a little obvious since it's the "Minnie 10K" but I couldn't resist!

The half is the costume I got crafty with.  I knew I wanted to go as Donald.  I found a great top on Etsy, but slacked on ordering it and it got too late.  So make my own it was!  Pam made a yellow set of calf sleeves for this one as well and I made the collar for the top.  Since I do not own a sewing machine I use an iron-on adhesive to attach everything.  There are some sections that don't look great (mainly the shoulders) but it'll work!

And lastly for the marathon (holy cow!), I am going to be Snow White again.  I figured it was the Dopey and Snow White seemed appropriate (and I had everything already).

So that's it - those are my costumes!

Anyone else dressing up this weekend?  What are you going to be?


  1. That's a lot of costumes! Your Donald one came out great! I like that you themed them to the theme/character of the race.