Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2 on Tuesday

We moved offices at work, which has been both nice and annoying (only slightly).  Our work space has been much improved - we have nice views of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, more space, a terrace and a bar (yes, a bar).  It's only annoying in the sense that it is a longer commute for me (we used to be in midtown, now we are downtown).  I am still trying to get used to the new commute, so I am constantly rushing in the AM.  But, what is pretty cool is that the Ghostbusters firehouse is only a block away from us!  I walk past it on my walk from subway to office and one day last week the door was open.  And yes, that is a Ghostbusters logo hanging on the wall.  It's a working firehouse, but I love that they have embraced its history!

Adding to the movies I've seen recently, I went to see Inside Out over the weekend.  And it was just as good as everyone said.  The storyline was so unique and incredibly well written.  It's Pixar, so did you really expect anything else?  I also though the actors who voiced each of the emotions were so prefectly cast.  I could not image anyone else voicing those characters.  It is definitely geared towards children, but also has enough to entertain the adults.  And yes, I definitely cried near the end.  I highly recommend seeing it if you can!