Sunday, April 14, 2013

Training Recap: Week of 4/8

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was good, but not incredibly productive.  My friend Ally had a party last night for her 30th birthday (dinner, dancing and lots of drinks).  It was very fun, but I was hurting this morning.  I basically spent the entire day laying on my couch.  Took all of my energy to go to the grocery store (but I did it).

This week training went pretty good.  Got all of my runs in.  Did not get all of my cross training in, but at least I got my runs in.

Monday: Went for a run after work with my friend Jenny.  It was nice to have some company on the run and was absolutely gorgeous out.

4.01 miles, 40:38, 10:08 pace

Tuesday: Cross training and stretching

Wednesday:  Got up before work and got some easy miles in.  Wanted to go longer, but was rushed, so could only do 3.5 miles.  Need to be better about getting up when my alarm goes off.

3.5 miles, 38:13, 10:55 pace

Thursday: Was supposed to be cross training, but I went bowling with my team at work on Wednesday night and I was exhausted (between the run and bowling) so I took the night off and went to bed early.

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Got a solid long run with TNT.  The pace group was great and kept me going.  Total of 11.5 miles.

11.55 miles, 1:55:53, 10:02 pace

Sunday: Way to hungover to do anything of substance today

Total miles for the week: 19.06
Total miles for April: 36.28

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