Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2 on Tuesday

A couple of weeks ago, we got on the topic of great sports movies.  Miracle, Remember the Titans, Rookie of the Year, Rudy all got discussed.  And of course, the Mighty Ducks came up.  I loved the Mighty Ducks as a kid.  Talking about it got me all nostalgic and I ended up taking out from Netflix.  Oh my god - I forgot how cheesy it was.  I mean, I still loved it, but oh was I laughing.  Some of the plot lines were also pretty ridiculous!

I've been looking for a carry on tote.  I love Vera Bradley bag and they had a couple I debated on.  I was going to wait until the next time we went to the outlets (danger alert!) but then last week the above pattern was 50% off.  I thought it was cute and decided to just get it in case I don't make it to the outlets before I need it.  I got the Grand Traveler.  It came over the weekend and let me just say...I thought it would be smaller.  It is most definitely the size of my carry-on roller bag!  It's not quite what I wanted, but I figure it'll work perfectly for my upcoming trips (Disneyland is 6 days and next year with Dopey, it'll be 7 days).  I'll carry this one on and check my roller bag because I am sure I will have a lot of crap with me!


  1. Love The Mighty Ducks- especially the 3rd one when they go to the Olympics! haha.

    Does that Vera have wheels? I used to heart her stuff for travel pre-NYC days. I just can't stomach putting the fabric on the subway/ ground and you know those big totes get heavy!

    1. They went to the Jr. Goodwill Games (probably did not have rights for the Olympics) in movie 2. They went to prep school in movie 3. Yes I watched them all!

      No, it does not have wheels - those ones are crazy expensive. I agree with you fabric and the subway, but I figure this bag will be for when I need additional space then my roller bag and then can slide it on my roller bag (it has a sleeve on the back). I probably won't use it instead of my roller bag (being able to roll is so much nice).