Monday, April 22, 2013

New Lululemon purchases

I have a love hate relationship with Lululemon.  I love their stuff, but I hate how expensive it is.  Seriously, I could go broke buying everything I want from there.  I don't usually even go in so as not to tempt me.

But I recently did score some items on sale, which I was pretty excited about.  I had seen the jacket online in the sale section, but since I didn't know how it fit and it was final sale, I didn't want to risk it not fitting.  I figured I would go to the store and try it one so I'd know.  Fortunately, the store had the jacket in stock and on sale too.  It's a nice, lightweight jacket which will be perfect for springtime runs.  I've been wearing it consistently since I got it.  Plus, it's Syracuse colors!

I also found on the sale rack a pair of studio pants and dog runner pants.  The studio pants are something I have been waiting for a while.  They are kinda like track pants, but much nicer (you can see them online here).  They'll be perfect for weekend errands and lounging around my apartment.  I got them in a nice teal color  I have a feeling they will become my go to pants for travel (they are so comfy).

The dog runner pants I had actually not seen before (although Pam told me she saw them at the outlet sale, but I do not remember seeing them).  They are tights with windbreaker type pants over them.  They will be perfect for all my long runs next winter training for Dopey.  I won't need them for a while, but they were only $39 so it was a good deal.

Forme Jacket
Dog Runner Pant (L) and Studio Pant (R)
Tight inside the Dog Runner Pant


  1. Do you wear the same size in the studio and dog runner pants? I have some studios and love them, but am wondering about ordering some dog runners online. Thank you :)

    1. Hi Sara! I have actually not worn the dog runner pants yet to run in, but when I tried them on at the store they fit the same as the studio pants did. Same size and felt the same while wearing. Hope that helps!