Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Medal Holder

I recently got a new medal holder!  And by recently, I mean Christmas.  That was recent, right?

New Medal Holder!
We actually saw these medal holders while at the Wine and Dine Expo.  They are made by Smartly Finished.  They had a bunch of sayings, but both Pam and I loved the one that said "Got suckered into another one" which basically describes how I end up being registered for most races.  While I loved it, I had no idea how I would be able to fit it in my suitcase, so I took a card and made a plan on ordering it when I got home.

Since we all know how on top of things I am, I obviously did not order it right away.  Instead, I was actually gifted it by Pam for Christmas.  She was so nervous I was going to order one myself she told the women (they are a small company who makes them) that if someone with my name ordered one to tell me they were back ordered!  And since they are custom made, Pam even had mine made in Syracuse colors.  Awesome!

Syracuse colors!
After sitting around my living room for 4 months, I finally got around to hanging it this past weekend. I already have a medal holder in my bedroom (which is technically a tie rack I got from Bed, Bath and Beyond but it works perfectly), but since it's pretty full, I figured rather then swap them, I would just hang this one in addition and split the medals.  Easy splitting method?  One for Disney races, one for non-Disney races.  The new one is going to be for my Disney medals.

I am by no means handy - I have very few things on my wall and whenever I hang something, I am immensely proud if it doesn't fall off the wall the next day.  The hardest part of hanging this was getting the brackets on the back.  It required some tiny nails and I was having issues.  Finally got them attached though and quickly hung it on my wall!

Since measuring tapes are for other people, I eyeballed the placement on the section of wall I was hanging it.  Since I eyeballed it, it's not quite center.  Which annoys me slightly, but not enough that I want to put more holes in my wall and fix it.

Looks pretty nice and now I have a special spot for all my runDisney medals!  Can't wait to hang all my Dopey medals there in January.

Thanks for the great gift Pam!

All my Disney medals!

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