Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two for Tuesday

If you've at all been following the news, you know that a hurricane has hit the East Coast.  Fortunately, I am okay - have power, but internet has been shaking.  In honor of the days events, I offer you two photos of NYC in the hurricane.

Water pouring into the 9/11 Memorial -

The corner of my 2nd apartment in NYC (that's right, it's like a river now) -

There are so many more photo's and video's I can share, but rather then depressing everyone, I want to remind you all, that while I am safe and sound, there are millions along the East Coast that aren't.  If you can, consider making a donation to a relief organization (such as The Red Cross) or volunteer if you are in the area.  There is much we can do.

We are NY.  We will rebound and recover.  It's what we do.

Hope where ever you are, you are safe and sound.

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