Tuesday, October 9, 2012

can i issue a retraction?

So, yesterday I made a statement that I was going to get back on track and that I was going to do P90X.  It was kind of a spur of the moment idea.  I had the video's and figured it would be a great idea.  I hadn't actually read anything that was involved yet (oops).  All I did was google the workout schedule so I would know which one I was supposed to do on Day 1.

Once I got home and actually read the instructional book that came with it, that I realized I may have over committed.  Each workout is at least 1 hour.  With the crazy hours I have been working, I am not sure I'd have the time every day.  In addition, they require more equipment then I currently own.  I'd need a pull up bar and more weights (I currently have 1 set of 3 pound weights).  Another part of the reason to do this is my gym membership is up and I am hoping to put off renewing until after the holidays so I can balance my budget for the season.  Spending money on a pull up bar and more weights just isn't feasible right now.

So, after reading all of this, I kinda figured I would still do it, but would have to make adjustments when I was missing equipment.  So last night I did Core Synergistics.  Or maybe I should say - tried to do Core Synergistics.  Let me just say, this was not made to do in a tiny apartment.  Most of the moves I couldn't do because I didn't have the space.

I know these sound like excuses (and they are) but I need to be realistic.  If I can only do 1/2 of the moves, is it worth it?  Probably not.

Once I realized that it was going to be pretty tough for me to do the program, I decided not to do it and to do something else instead.  Last spring I had purchased Power 90, another program by Tony Horton (yes, I am a direct marketers dream).  I did do it for awhile last year.  It's definitely less intense and the workouts are shorter and more manageable   They don't require me to buy any equipment and I know I can do them in my apartment.

So, today is Day 1 of Power 90.  I have read the instructional booklet and know what I am getting myself into (this time).  I'll try and do weekly recaps (when I remember) so I can track my progress.

PS - I am aware that I could have just removed or updated the old post to reflect the new workout plan, but I wanted to be honest with myself about why I am not doing it

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