Friday, October 26, 2012

New kitchen gear

This past weekend was super productive.  I got the following in: 2 Power 90 workouts, 11.3 mile run, brunch with a friend, the library, 2 trips (yes, 2 - once to purchase and one to return a couple of items) to both Target and Marshall's, a trip to Old Navy, baked muffins and cookies & made dinner on Sunday night.  Phew!  I am exhausted just thinking about it.

I had a lot of pumpkin left over after my pumpkin dip batch, so this weekend was all about pumpkin.  All three recipes involved pumpkin.  I am working on the posts and will try and get them posted this week/weekend.

But my favorite part of this weekend?  It was like Christmas in the Sarah in the City household (i.e. me).  Between all of my trips to Marshall's and Target, I scored some awesome new kitchen gear.  I love kitchen stuff and am running out of room in my kitchen for places to put it!  I can not wait until I have a house and I get to have a full kitchen!  My tiny apartment kitchen leaves a lot to be desired (for example, I had to roll my cookie dough out on the table in my living room!).  I am constantly pinning inspirations for my future kitchen - I'll just need multiple houses for all my ideas!  Fortunately, everything I bought was either on sale or just cheap in general.  And most was needed.  I'll leave you to guess which items of the below list was not needed.

- Dough scraper
- Rolling pin
- (2) leaf shaped cookie cutters
- Fall whoopie pie pan (with leaf and pumpkin shapes)
- OXO 'Be a good cookie' cookie spatula
- Brownie Bowls
- 4 cups measuring bowl/cup (what do we call those?)

If you guess the whoopie pie pan and brownie bowls - you'd be right.  So unnecessary.  But who doesn't want to be able to make brownie bowls whenever they want?

I also (finally) opened up and started to use my new pots and pans.  Why finally?  Long story short, I got these pans back in June as a 5 year thank you gift from my last job.  They are a nice Farberware set and I had been dying for new pots and pans.  My pots are a hand me down from someone and my pans cost like $9.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  But I didn't want to spend the money when I had ones that were fine (even if they didn't match and weren't the best quality).  So when the opportunity came to get some nice new ones for free - that's what I did.  And then...they sat in my living room for 3 months.  What can I say, I've been busy!

Happy [early] Christmas to me!

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