Thursday, October 4, 2012

Celeb Sighting (an old one, but still a good one)

I am off to another wedding this weekend (this time in Dallas) and have been crazy trying to get work done and run all my errands since I am losing the weekend (for errand running that is).

My cousin is getting married and I am super excited to see everyone!  I think I've talked about it before, but I super close with my family and am definitely looking forward to a weekend of family time!

Last night while I was running errands in the East Village, it occurred to me that I have never shared my best (and personal favorite) celeb sighting.  I think I should really call it more of a "run in" because that's what happened.  I literally ran into Ryan Gosling.  Yes, Ryan Gosling.  Of The Notebook and Mickey Mouse Club fame (notice the movie/show I choose to go with?).

The run in occurred back in April of 2011.  I was on my way to brunch with some friends in the East Village. I was walking down 3rd Avenue while at the same time, checking my phone for the exact cross streets.  I crossed 12th St (I was walking south on 3rd) and after crossing and getting back on the sidewalk (still looking at my phone) I ran into someone walking west on 12th (getting ready to cross 3rd Ave).  Without even thinking, I quickly start apologizing because I literally just ran into the person (thank god neither of us was carrying coffee or we'd have been in trouble.  While I keep blabbing on an apology, he says "No worries, it happens".

It's at this point I realize the person I just sidewalk attacked is Ryan Gosling (holding a ukulele, btw).  It must have been pretty clear that I realized who he was because I just stopped talking and starred at him.  He isn't even phased, repeats "no worries" and continues across 3rd Ave.

Recovering slightly, I immediately open the camera app on my phone to talk a picture.  Kind of hard when you don't want to be too obvious and trying to take it across a busy street.  It's not the best picture and I am pretty sure no one besides me would know it was Ryan Gosling.  But trust me - it is.  And he is just as attractive in person as he is on camera.

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