Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Two for Tuesday

This week's two for tuesday has to do with running!  In addition, to starting a new job in the last month, I also started marathon training.  Anyone who has trained for a marathon knows that it takes over your life (also part of the reason there were no blogs for a while).  So in that spirit...

Up first -
The awesome shoes ever!  I got to custom design some Nike's a while back and they just arrived!  These are the same model I always run in, so will be saving these for Montreal.  I plan on buying some awesome neon race clothing to go with it!

And then -

My new toy - a Garmin 610 GPS watch.  My friend Anne was able to get it for my at 40% off, which is great since it would have been too expensive for me otherwise.  Will be using this all summer for my training!

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