Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Olympics are coming!

In just 5 days time, my favorite time of every 2 years will start.  Yes, that's right - the Olympics!  I seriously love the Olympics.  More like obsessed.  For all my life, I have loved them.  There isn't one particular thing about them I love - I just love everything about them.

I have very vivid memories of watching the diving in the Seoul '88 games.  Watching the track and field during Barcelona '92.  Sitting with my entire family (extended family and all) in our vacation rental's living room watching Keri Strug land the gold medal winning vault in '96, on one ankle.  Every moment of Sydney in 2000 and Bejing in 2008.  I have even collected memorabilia from the games for as long as I can remember - trading cards from Barcelona (I have a complete set!), ordering official CD's and books from Sydney and more.

And of course - the piece de resistance: attending the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.  Yes, I went.  And I got college credit to do it.  I was an intern for NBC Olympics and got to spend the summer living and working in Athens.  It still ranks as one of the best times of my life.  I worked for the gymnastics crew - I was the talent assistant during the events.  It was an experience beyond words...  just a completely unbelievable experience.

Plus, this one combines another one of my favorite things - Britain!  I am really looking forward to the opening ceremonies, should be a great time!

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