Sunday, July 8, 2012

Montreal Marathon - Training Recap Week 7

As I said earlier, training for the marathon has started.  This past week was Week 7.  Runs are starting to get longer (and the temperature is starting to get hotter).  Only 11 weeks until the race!  Can't believe how quickly it's approaching.

Week 7
Monday - Cross Training
Tuesday - Track Workout
     - 16 x 200M at a 7:24 mile pace with 200M recovery
Wednesday - Cross Training
Thursday - Easy Run
     - Supposed to do 5 miles, but was very hot so only did 4
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - Long Run
     - 13 miles, very easy (was over 90 degrees)
Sunday - Pilates

This was the first long run in which I got to use my new Garmin.  I'm enjoying it already!  Splits below for my long run.

Let's hope the heat breaks this week!

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