Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tower of Terror 10M After Party

One of the best part of Tower of Terror 10M is the after party!  Honestly, the after party is my favorite part of the runDisney night races. 

This after party takes place at Hollywood Studios.  After finishing, I picked up my food box and started to make my way to the baggage.  Our baggage had been moved from in front of Hollywood Studio's (where we left it) to inside the Indiana Jones theatre.  It was a bit of a walk, but not horrible (not worse then the walk to the start of the Jan/Feb half's!). 

After picking up my stuff and get settled, I ended into the after party.  Some rides where open (including Tower of Terror, which given my costume I had to ride!) and they had all the villains out.  I headed straight for Tower of Terror and got to walk right on!  Since it wasn't crowded, I took advantage and took some fun photo's in my costume.

I love how in character the cast members at Tower of Terror were.  Everyone kept asking my why I was late for work and telling me to get to my post.  Love it!

After that I walked around getting pictures with all the villains while waiting for Pam and Abby to finish.  After meeting up with them, we got some food, took some more photo's and did some last rides!  It was a really fun after party!

Shan Yu from Mulan
Cruella informed me too much of my legs where showing
It's all about Gaston, isn't it?
Pain and Panic from Hercules
Had to take it for niece obsessed with Star Wars!
Overall, the after party was lots of fun!  I am really glad I got to do this race before they removed it from the schedule.  Hopefully it'll come back in the future!


  1. This looks like so much fun!! I'd love to run the race someday so hopefully they bring back it back!