Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2 on Tuesday

I've talked previously about the Oiselle Flock and how much I love being a part of that team.  It's a really great group of women runners and the support is amazing.  They organized a Secret Santa amongst the Flock members nationwide (participation was optional).  You could make some suggestions as to what you'd like (and supply the proper sizes).  I've really been wanting the Oiselle Runfinity scarf and I was really excited to receive it from my Secret Santa Katie.  Can't wait to wear it on cold days!

Photo via my Secret Santa Jessica
Even more fun then receiving my Secret Santa gift, was putting my Secret Santa package together.  I wanted to get her things she wanted (from her suggestion list) but also put my own spin on it!  Her suggestions included a pair of SmartWool Liner gloves or a shirt from my favorite running store.  I couldn't find a shirt, but I was able to pick up a CamelBak water bottle with the Jack Rabbit logo on it (my favorite running store in NYC).  Also included a pair of the SmartWool liner gloves and some Clifbar treats - Clif Shot Bloks, Clif Shot Electrolyte Drink Mix and Clif Shot Recovery Drink Mix.  Jessica received it yesterday and really liked it!  She loves Clif for nutrition on the run and the gloves fit perfectly (I went back and forth on the size)!  I am so glad you liked everything Jessica!

Anyone else participate in a running group Secret Santa?

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