Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tower of Terror Costume Reveal!

As I mentioned Monday, I put my Tower of Terror costume together this weekend.  Per my decree after my Donald costume, I really don't want to go too intense on costumes (anymore).

This costume was pretty simple.  I've known for a long while that I wanted run this one as a Hollywood Tower Hotel employee (aka a Tower of Terror employee).  I know they sell cotton t-shirt versions, but had no desire to run it in cotton since historically it's always hot this race weekend.

I knew I could make a version of it myself!  I started with a maroon tech tee.  I found a New Balance one online that was the perfect color and only $8 bucks.  I had a Hollywood Tower Hotel logo iron on made for me by Miranda at DesignsbyMKC on Etsy.  She had created my iron on for my Anna costume as well.  She didn't have a HTH logo in the shop, but she was able to make one for me.  She was a joy to work with - easy to order and she shipped super quickly!  I highly recommend her if you need an iron-on made!

The iron-on was easy to apply and then from there, the rest came together quickly.  I added gold stripes to the sleeves and black/gold stripes to the shoulders using ribbon with fabric adhesive tape.

Whole thing took me about 30 minutes to make and I am really pleased with how it came out!  I'll be pairing it with a hat Abby had made last year as part of her costume and a black skirt - either a Sparkle Athletic one or plain black running skirt.  I'd prefer a Sparkle Athletic skirt, but I know they don't bring all the colors to the expo's and I forgot to pre-order for expo pickup.  Oh well, it is what it is!

What is everyone else dressing up as?