Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tower of Terror 10M - Expo Goodies!


The best part of a runDisney race is the expo.  Okay, let's be real, I love expo's at all races - I just can't help my self with running goodies! 

This expo made me really happy!  It had great vendors - less then Marathon or Princess weekends, but still great booths.  It was also managable!  Since the race is smaller, it wasn't as packed.  I was a big fan of being able to move around while at the expo.

After picking up our numbers in the HP Field House (which took all of 5 minutes), we headed over to the Jostens Center for shirt pickup and official merchandise.  I really liked the shirt this year - it's a little different, but I like it. 

From shirt pickup, we headed to the merch.  I knew I wanted a couple of things (mini medal pin, magnet), but wanted to not buy much.  I got my TOT Mini Medal Pin and also picked up the mini Coast to Coast pin.  I didn't get one at Disneyland and wanted to pick one up this time.

I was able to get my Tower of Terror magnet and I also picked up a mini 48.6 magnet to keep at my desk at work.  I hadn't seen these before.


Even though I hadn't planned on it, I picked up a Tower of Terror 'I did it' shirt.  I really liked the design and couldn't resist.  I did resist from getting a jacket - so that's good (although I do have a tinge of regret for not getting it, but I really don't need it...).
Front (L), Back (R)

The only thing I really wanted was a Tower of Terror 10M Sweaty Band, but they didn't make any for this race.  We checked with the Sweaty Band booth and they didn't order any.  They will be back for Wine and Dine though!

Following our purchases at the expo, we made our way through the rest of the booths.  Sparkle Athletic did have black with them, so I picked that up (yay!).  I even managed to resist buying any Sweaty Bands (although I do want to get one that matches my Oiselle Flock singlet).  We checked out all the gear and races and then headed out. 

Nothing too surprising or special about the expo, but I really enjoyed it.  I liked how un-crowded it was and they had a good sampling of booths.  Overall the WDW races always do a good job at their expo's.
Stay tuned for my race recap! 


  1. They have a mini Coast to Coast pin?!!! Adding that to my list for Wine & Dine's expo! :)

    1. Yes! The Disneyland Half expo was the first time I had ever seen them!

  2. I second Kim's comment...I need that C2C pin!

    The TOT merch is so cool looking this year!!

    1. I agree - the merch design was great this year!