Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's getting real....

...Dumbo Double Dare that is.  It is getting real folks.  We are within the 30 day mark (holy cow!).  And to make it even more real, the folks at runDisney were busy bees this week posting all sorts of updates for the race weekend (for the 10K, Half and Dumbo, but since I am doing Dumbo, I am only focusing on those items).

To start, the official race program is posted.  I always pick up a hard copy at the expo, but I like to look through it before hand anyways.  Next, final race instructions are posted.  Another good thing to review ahead of time so you are prepared for race morning.

Waivers and corrals were also posted.  I am #20652, which per the below chart, puts me in Corral A.  Woohoo!

And last, but certainly not least, official race courses were provided!  There were some unofficial maps going around for a while (they were the maps used for USTFA certification, so they probably were official), but I wanted to wait until runDisney posted the maps.
10K Course
I have to say, I am very excited by the 10K course.  It looks like a large portion of it will be in the parks, which makes me very happy.  However, I am concerned a bit about crowds.  The park drives are not huge (at least to my memory of them) and I am worried with the number of runners we will be packed it.  But since I won't be racing it, I am not concerned how it will effect my time.  I will be stopping to take pictures and enjoy the race!

Half course
I have never done the half before, but according to the interwebs, it is very similar to previous years.  It's a different course then Tinkerbell, so it will be new to me.  I have to say, I like in Tink that you did both parks and Downtown Disney - this course seems to skip Downtown Disney.  Not a huge issue, since we are more in California Adventure in this course then Tink, but just a little wishing.  I am excited though to run in Angels stadium!

Either way, concerns or not, I am getting really excited to head to Disneyland.  Looking forward to some good runs and of course, plenty of Disney time!

Fellow Disneyland Half / Dumbo / 10K runners, what are your thoughts on the course?


  1. Congrats on corral A! The course for the half looks exactly the same as last year, except for a few minor squiggle differences. :) The roads inside DL can be narrow, but since you're in corral A, I wouldn't worry about it. I haven't run Tink (yet), but this will be my 3rd yr running the DL half. The course is great (nice and flat except for one overpass) and the entertainment is wonderful. :)

    1. Thanks! Good to know about the course. I've only done Tink once (inaugural year) but I know the course is different. I'm getting so excited!