Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Race Recap: New Bedford Half Marathon

The race was only like 1.5 weeks ago and the race recap is already done!  I'm getting so much better, lol.  Enjoy!

New Bedford Half Marathon
March 17, 2013

State: #11 (Massachusetts)
Half: #32

This race was held in New Bedford, MA which is located just over the RI/MA border.  We decided on this race because I had heard good things about it.  It's on the relative small size and we were able to do it in a weekend trip.  We were also able to pick up our packets Sunday morning, which was good as I had a bridal shower to go to on Saturday afternoon!

After the shower, we headed up to New Bedford.  As is not surprising, we made some stops on the way at the outlets and Wal-Mart.  We finally pulled into our hotel around 9pm.  We checked in and went out for dinner.  Also not surprising, there weren't a ton of places open at 9pm in New Bedford.  We ended up eating at Ninety-Nine.  Never been there before, but it reminded me of a Chili's.  Probably not the best pre-race food, but whatever.

Fortunately, the race started at 11am, so we did not have to get up early.  After getting ready and packing, we headed to the race.  Since the race was taking place on St. Paddy's day, I figured it was the perfect day to wear my Dublin race shirt.  Let me explain a little of the shirt.

When we ran Dublin back in 2009, we had shirts custom made.  Kelly green with Dublin 2009 on the front and" New York runs on Guinness" with a running Guinness pint glass.  I made the design myself and I am very proud of it.

Upon arrival at the race we stopped to pick up our numbers.  This was definitely number pick-up and not an expo.  It felt very un-half marathon like to me.  Just like a small local race.  Not a bad shirt though.


The race started promptly at 11am.  Fortunately because it was so small I did not have to stand long at the start.  Which is good because it was freezing.  The race was on the water and there was quite a breeze.  Once I started running, I warmed up pretty quickly though.

The start was organized and the race went off pretty quickly.  There was a definite quick pace at the start.  I kept trying to pace myself knowing I am not in the best shape.

The course is mostly downhill - there are 2 long inclines which are relatively steep.  One is around mile 3, the other around mile 12 (which was pretty brutal).  Otherwise, it was flat or downhill.  There was a nice stretch around mile 7-8ish (I honestly don't remember) that ran along the beach and there was a great breeze with the smell of ocean (the good one, not the gross one).

Minimal spectators along the course, but that didn't bother me.  The only issue I had with the course was that there were not enough porta-johns.  The first one was at mile 3 and the next at 9.  And there were only 3 at each.  Not enough.  I lost about 5 minutes waiting for one.  Oh well.

I felt pretty good on the course.  My pace was solid and I didn't feel like I was trying too hard.  Nice effort back!

I really like that the medal has a shamrock on it - so festive given the day!

Race (13.1): 2:07:06, 9:42 pace
Garmin (13.22): 2:07:07, 9:36 pace


Anyone else ever run New Bedford?  What did you think?

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