Thursday, March 28, 2013

Princess Half Marathon Photo's

For some reason the night before Princess, I was inspired to wear a pretty large tiara on my head.  No idea what came over me, but I did it!  Looked pretty funny with my pink sparkley head band and princess top.

I love my top, but it was not wicking and between the sweat and my number it was being pulled down so they aren't the most attractive photo's (I ended up tucking it my bra straps to keep it up).

Not sure which photo is my favorite, but I really like the one with me swooning at Gaston and the ones with princes!


  1. So jealous of your speediness. How bad were the lines for you?

    1. There was a line for the first princes photo, the evil queens and mickey and minnie. Otherwise it was only like 1-2 people in front of me (which I am not considering a line).