Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two for Tuesday

This week's Two for Tuesday is something new and something old - both of which I have been using a lot lately.

Up first...

My something new - Gym Pact app.  This is a great free app I recently discovered.  Once you download the app, you log in and commit to going to the gym a certain number of days.  And then you commit a dollar amount you'll pay if you don't go.  If you make your pact, they don't charge you.  If you miss, they charge you the amount you committed for each day you missed.  And then those who made their pacts get paid out by the money those who missed paid.  So you are actually getting paid to go to the gym.  It's not a lot each week, but enough to make me go!

And then..

My something old - Vectra spray for waterproofing.  I first got this a couple of years ago at a leather store.  It is the greatest waterproofer ever.  Seriously.  It really does protect your shoes for years to come.  And not just shoes - everything.  I've used it on purses, belts, anything.  Since I just had a little shopping spree at DSW it was time to break out the Vectra again.  Want my purchases to stay like new as long as possible.

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