Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New 5K PR

So this past weekend, I ran the Bunny Hop 5K in my hometown.  I was planning on running it pretty easy.  However, a funny thing happened on Saturday morning.  I did not run it easy.  At the same time I didn't run it very hard either.  It was a pretty flat course and since it was so small (like 76 runners small) the course was not crowded.  It did seem to wind back and forth a bit which was annoying, but doable.  Wasn't trying super hard, so imagine my surprise when I passed the 1 mile mark in about 8 minutes.  Once I saw that, I didn't try to push myself too much, just kept a steady pace.  Felt pretty good for the entire time.  I wouldn't say it was very easy, but I definitely wasn't trying crazy hard.

Finishing time: 24:31, pace: 7:54

New PR by 2 minutes, 19 seconds.  Yay!

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