Thursday, January 12, 2017

Training recap week of 1/2

So we are barely into winter and I am already over the cold. I miss running in shorts and I am skip of having to wear a million layers to go on a run. Yes, I am a wuss 😏. But since I have no plans on moving somewhere warm in the near future, I guess I should stop complaining (out loud at least!).

This weeks training was much less then I expected. I was supposed to run the Disney Half this weekend, but it had to be cancelled due to severe thunderstorms. I'll have a full post later this week about everything so not going to elaborate more now.

I didn't do great with cross training this week. I haven't been doing it for so long, I am really struggling to get back into it.

Currently training for:
  • Enchanted 10K
  • Princess Half Marathon
  • Star Wars Dark Side 10K
  • Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon

Scheduled: Rest or Cross Training
Actual: Rest day

I was still off of work so I really should have done some sort of cross training, but I was feeling lazy and wanted to take advantage of my last vacation day.

Scheduled: 3-6 miles easy
Actual: 3.5 mi, 33:03, 9:27 pace

Kept this one nice and easy. I am really just starting to get back to running 5 days a week and don't want to overdue it. I also did a toning workout from Tone It Up, so that was good!

Scheduled: Speedwork - 3 miles @ tempo (8:56), plus warm up and cool down
Actual: 5.00 mi, 46:30
Paces: 9:02, 8:58, 8:34

My paces started a little slow, but they picked up throughout the tempo workout. Felt really strong on the last mile and was way ahead of my planned pace!

Scheduled: 3-6 miles easy
Actual: 3.08 mi, 30:31, 9:54 pace

Kept this one short as I needed to finish packing and had a very early wakeup call the next morning.

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: Disney World Half Marathon
Actual: Does lots of walking around Disney count?

No half due to weather 😡

Scheduled: 3-6 miles easy
Actual: Rest (lots of walking around Disney)

I completely bailed on this run due to the temps out (only 32 degrees) and I had not brought proper gear for that temp. It wasn't supposed to be that cold, which is why I didn't bring the right stuff.

Ended up not being a great week mileage wise, but it is what it is.

Total Miles: 11.58
Total January Miles: 14.58
Miles to Goal (1,270): 1,248.72

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