Thursday, April 28, 2016

Checking in - April

Dude, I am rapidly becoming the king of not keeping blog promises! In my last check in (almost a month ago... how did that happen?), I promised to post something (at least I didn't promise to post anything on a schedule), but nothing went was posted.

So, let's see whats been going on in April. The month begin with a weekend trip to Philly to run the Hot Chocolate 15K with Kasey. This race is really fun, except the weather didn't cooperate and it was a bit chilly (and wetter) then I would have liked. Full race recap to come!


Two weeks later, it was time to head down to Disney for the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon weekend. I love me some Star Wars and this weekend was a blast! I'll have race recaps to come and more about our trip, but it was so much fun. In true runDisney spirit, there were definitely some things that need to be fixed for future years, but otherwise, I still had a great time.

Best beer cup yet!

Weekend was great, came home... and then it happened. Something I honestly think (knew) was bound to happen.  I got sick. And not like a minor sniffles and cough. Full. Blown. Sick.

I don't exactly know what is was as I didn't ever go to a doctor (yes, I am aware I probably should have). It started on Tuesday. My throat my scratchy and my head was swimming. I went home from work a little early and worked from home the rest of the day. I took my temp before bed and it was almost 102 degrees. I still had a slight fever on Wednesday (99 degrees) so I worked from home. Made it back into work on Thursday - but only for about half a day. I could barely speak and my boss sent me home. And then I worked again from home on Friday. By Friday, my throat was so raw from coughing, that every cough almost had me in tears. It was not pretty. I was not pleasant. Thankfully, I live alone and could be as unpleasant as I wanted and no one cared. I felt a little better on Saturday, but was exhausted. I basically slept the entire day.

Sunday was the best I had felt in almost a week, but not 100%. Was able to go to the grocery store and even do some meal prep for the week. I am finally feeling better (thank god), but am trying to take it easy this week as I do not want a relapse. I also feel like I am starting from scratch with running as I didn't do anything for almost 10 days. So taking it easy and starting slow.

So, that's where I've been the last month.  Outside of being sick, it was a pretty good month full of friends, races and Disney.  What more could I ask for?

How was your April? Do anything fun?

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