Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2 on Tuesday

Does anyone else struggle to drink enough water?  I am the worst at it.  I've tried various ways of tracking (FitBit, My Fitness Pal, using my planner to check off a certain number of cups a day), but they just haven't worked for me.  I always do it but it wouldn't force me to drink.  But one of my Oiselle Flock-mates recently introduced me to a new app which has been working really well for me.  It's called Plant Nanny.  You download it, fill in some info (height, weight, activity level) and it recommends a level of water.  It does recommend a lot of water, so I had to adjust my activity level until I got a lower amount (if I'm struggling getting water in, I wanted to at least make it an amount I can do).  You mark off how much water you drink and your plant grows.  It'll notify you if you haven't drank water lately.  If you don't make it, your plant dies (or wilts, I've been doing good and haven't missed a day so not sure).  It does remind me a little of one those Tamagotchi things from my youth (did I just age myself?), but is is making me drink more water.  So that is a good thing.  And I'm kinda a nerd so I like watching my plant grow.


Registration for the WDW Marathon weekend events for Annual Passholders opened today noon.  Fortunately, I am an AP holder and get to take advantage of this perk - if you are not an AP holder, don't worry, they only open a small percentage for passholders and the rest will be available on April 28th for general registration.  I was able to log on at noon and register.  The process was surprisingly easy - not sure if Active is finally ready to handle runDisney registrations or if less people were trying to do it vs. Wine and Dine.  I am doing the Half again in 2016.  I won't lie, there were a couple of times during this past fall where I actually missed training for the full and thought maybe I would do Goofy this year.  In fact, a couple of my travel buddies for this race are going to be doing Goofy.  But, I decided to only do the half (and I feel quite calm about my decision).  Coming out of the PR this weekend at Raleigh, I am leaning towards racing Rt 66 to try and PR.  And honestly, I am just not sure how I would feel having to continue doing marathon training for Goofy (they are only 6 weeks apart).  I think I made the right decision for me and am excited to do the half again!


  1. Omg. You're the only other person I know that uses plant nanny. I was religious about using that app until I grew all of the plants. Then they introduced some space themed plants to go with their other app, Walkr, but you had to download Walkr to have access to the new plants. So, of course, I did that.

    I'm out of plants, but now obsessed with Walkr. Oh, technology, you get me so sucked in!!!

    1. You are the only other person I've heard of using it! Hopefully, I'll get so used to drinking water that I won't need it anymore. But for now, it's making me drink water, which is really good!