Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dumbo Double Dare Costumes

I can't believe Dumbo Double Dare is here already!  As excited as I have been for the race, it did kinda sneak up on me.  I only did my costumes this past weekend!  Eeek!

I mentioned this in my post for my Glass Slipper costumes, but after the hours spent on my Donald costume, I wanted to stick to something easy to make.  The costumes for this year are all running clothing based with accessories to help pull it all together.

So without further ado, I bring you this year's costumes!

For the 10K, I am going to be the Cheshire Cat.  I had found the tank at last years Rock n Roll Providence expo and am going to pair it with 2 Sparkle Athletic skirts.  I have a purple one already and I am going to pick up a pink one at the expo to layer on top.  I already have a pink Sweaty Band to wear and I got some ears on Etsy to complete the look.  BTW, searching for the ears on Etsy was pretty interesting.  There was a surprising number of cat ears (and tails) available.  I know why I wanted the ears, not sure what other people do with them, lol.  No tail though, that just seemed like it would annoy me.

Imagine a pink skirt on top of the purple

For my half costume, I took my inspiration from Karen (over at Just Me and My Running Shoes) and her costume from the Disneyland Half from last year.  Thanks for letting me borrow your idea Karen!

I am going to be a Mouseketeer!  I used a basic white skirt and added my name (using iron-on letters) and I'll pair it with a blue Sparkle Athletic skirt.  I actually already had an extra set of ears that I can wear as well.  I am excited to be Mouseketeer Sarah for the race!

Anyone else going in costume for the Disneyland Half races?

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