Monday, August 25, 2014

Training recap week of 8/18 (Dumbo Double Dare Week 4)

Last week of training before we leave for California!  Got lots of solid runs in - I did scale back in terms of mileage this week as a mini taper.  It was a busy weekend and was very productive.  I'm almost entirely packed for Disneyland (I already had a packing list from last year to go off of) since I'm going to the US Open tomorrow night after work and didn't want to leave all of it to Tuesday night.

Scheduled: Cross training
Actual: PiYo Define: Upper Body

Scheduled: 4 miles easy
Actual: Rest

Abby had gotten us passes to go see the 9/11 Museum after work (more on that is a post soon), so wasn't able to get a run today.

Scheduled: 5 miles easy
Actual: 5.0 mi, 49:40, 9:55 pace

Scheduled: 4 miles easy
Actual: 4.13 mi, 41:26, 10:02 pace

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 8 miles easy
Actual: 8.25 mi, 1:21:55, 9:55 pace

Scheduled: Cross training or rest
Actual: 2.31 mi, 23:41, 10:16 pace

I decided to make up some of Tuesday's missed run on Sunday.  I cut it a little short since my legs were feeling a little tired.

Total miles: 19.69
Total August miles: 93.16
Miles until goal (1,250): 392.72


  1. Have a blast at Disneyland!! Super excited for you!!

  2. I can't believe Dumbo is so soon! Have a blast while you're there! :)