Monday, February 10, 2014

Training recap week of 2/3 (GSC Week 3)

Another week of Glass Slipper Challenge training.  I am still taking it easy and letting myself skip runs when I want to and not beat myself up.  It's important to take it easy every now and then to prevent burn out.  The brutally cold weather outside isn't helping either.  I'm so over winter.  Is it spring yet?

Scheduled: Rest 
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 4 miles easy 
Actual: Rest

I skipped this one for no other reason then it was cold and I was feeling lazy :)

Scheduled: 4.5 miles easy
Actual: 4.5 mi, 47:21, 10:32 pace

Scheduled: 4 miles easy
Actual: 4.0 miles, 42:02, 10:31 pace

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 4 miles easy
Actual: 5.65 mi, 55:56, 9:54 pace

I was running with the pace group and ended up going a little longer then planned.

Scheduled: 12 miles long run pace
Actual: Rest

Yea... it was really cold Sunday morning and I just wasn't feeling it.  Sometimes watching the Winter Olympics on your couch is what your body really needs.

Total miles: 14.15
Total February miles: 23.24
Miles until goal (1,250): 1,141.43

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