Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Glass Slipper Challenge Race Costumes

With just a couple of days 'til the Glass Slipper Challenge, I thought I would share my costumes.  I have to admit to you all, I am not as excited about my half costume as I was earlier in this month.

I knew from the moment I saw Frozen that I wanted to be Anna for Princess (my Dopey costumes were already set and I didn't want to change them).  I was super excited and start gathering supplies - a cape, iron-on decal, skirt.  But as it's gotten closer, I feel like everyone and their mother is going to be either Anna or Else (which I get, the movie is incredibly popular right now) and it's making my excitement about it wane. It's starting to build again and I know it'll come back in full force once I get to Florida, but right now, I'm just not feeling it.  I won't lie, there is a possibility, I decide not to wear it - I am bringing a repeat backup.

Anyway, back to the 10K.  For the 10K, I wanted to keep it simple.  I had a Rapunzel Raw Threads shirt that I hadn't worn yet and had already picked up a purple Sparkle Athletic skirt to go with it, so it came together pretty easy.  I also already had a purple Sweaty Band as well.  Easy peasy on this one.

After spending an entire weekend making my Donald top, I made a rule to keep it simple from now on.  I loved my Donald top, but making it was a huge pain in my backside and very frustrating (I am too Type A for arts and crafts).  If I can get an iron-on or have someone else make it (reasonably) and pair it with a Team Sparkle skirt and Sweaty Band, I am all in.  At least for right now, no more intense arts and crafts for me.

So, for the Anna outfit, I kept it easy.  I purchase the cape from Sparkle Skirts.  I love the pin on it, but I am not sure how it'll go running wise.  It's a little big on me and I am worried the flapping might drive me crazy.  It might end up tucked in my spi belt.

I used a simple black tech shirt from Target for the top.  I ordered an Anna iron-on decal from Etsy, which went on very easy (my iron has never gotten so much use!).  I am pairing it with a plain blue Sparkle Athletic skirt.  I did find a tutorial on pinterest on how to paint the skirt to look more like Anna's, but as discussed, no intense arts and crafts for me so keeping it plain (plus this way I can reuse it).  I am going to pair it with a pink Sweaty Band.

So, those are my costumes for this weekend!  I am hoping the excitement of the expo and just being in Disney makes me as excited as I originally was for my Anna outfit.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyone out there doing Princess?  What are you going as?

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