Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday night ramblings... Olympic Style

I don't know about anyone else, but the Olympics are running my sleep schedule!  I just can't pull myself away.

So in honor of the Olympics, let's have some Thursday night ramblings all about the Olympics (if you haven't watched tonight's coverage and don't want to know, you might want to skip this.  i.e SPOILER ALERT).

1. Ski Slopestyle.  Holy cow, how is what they are doing possible?  That is some insane height and crazy sick tricks.  I didn't know some of these tricks could be done on ski's (or at all for that matter).  Go USA for sweeping the podium!

2.  Speaking of Ski Slopestyle, how freaking cute is silver medalist Gus Kenworthy and the stray puppies he found in Sochi (and wants to adopt)?  So cute it melts my heart.  I think we can hashtag this one #swoonworthy.

3.  I would like to talk to the person who created skeleton and ask them what they were thinking.  No, seriously.  What made you decide to go head first on a cookie sheet with rails down an ice slide?  I do love that the Winter Olympics are full of crazy sports.

4.  How about any event that includes cross country skiing?  That looks so hard.  Skiing uphill?  Maybe having to take a break and shoot a target?  What other sport do you know that the athletics collapse upon crossing the finish line.  No one can blame them of not giving it their all.

5.  While Evgeni Plushenko and I might not have always seen eye to eye (remember when he gave himself a platinum medal after Vancouver because he didn't think Evan Lysacek should have won?  Yea... that...), he was a great athlete and skater.  It was sad to see him withdrawl from the short program today with an injury.  Also, commentators, he's only 31.  Old for a figure skater yes, but you make him sound like he'll be joining AARP soon.

6.  Jeremy Abbott is my winner of the day.  Did you see that fall he took?  That one is going to leave a massive bruise.  If that were me, I would have just laid there and made them carry me off.  But not him, he got up and basically made his program up as he went along to get all the elements in in time.  Way to go.  That's what the Olympics are all about.  Winner #2 of my day?  Jason Brown for placing 6th in the short program.  Go you.

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