Friday, May 31, 2013

runDisney Updates

So runDisney has been busy this week!  With less then 2 weeks to go before Princess registration opens (June 11th for those interested), they finally updated the website with all the appropriate information.  'bout time!

They have confirmed that the 5K is moving to Friday and the 10K on Saturday.  This is what I thought would happen once they announce the 10K.  Half is still Sunday.

But most importantly, they announced the prices!  As usual, my wallet already groaned in anticipation of paying for the Glass Slipper Challenge!

The only item they did not have prices listed for was the commemorative items.  I always buy the pins (don't ask why) and put them on my medal ribbons, so I am hoping they are available when I register.

I am excited for Princess this year - it's going to be a family affair!  My mom and aunt are doing the 10K, my cousin the Half and I'm doing the Glass Slipper Challenge.  I think another aunt may be coming and my friend Pam and her mom might also come.  

As I said, registration opens on June 11 and you can sign up for a reminder email at

In other runDisney news, there is a course map going around for the Disneyland 10K.  It's not the official course map from runDisney, but it looks like the map submitted/approved by USATF for course certification.  I didn't find it, but some other intrepid runDisney fans did.  I have seen it, but I'm going to wait until runDisney announces it before I get too excited.  My guess is if it's USATF certified, it's the course, but I'm still going to wait since you never know.  I did like what I saw, so that's good!

Either way, it's been a big day of runDisney updates!


  1. Exciting day, huh? There was other news about earning a C2C2C2C- in other words, you could earn the pink C2C with Tink/Princess and the regular C2C with two other races.
    I saw the Disneyland 10k course as well, I hope the official one is the same!

    1. Ohhh, I missed that one! I can't do Tink so doesn't apply to me unfortunately, but good for all the people who qualify!