Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kona Kase Review

I got my first ever Kona Kase today!  Yay!  Kona Kase is a monthly subscription box with no commitment that is made for endurance athletes.  I've been getting Birchbox (same thing but for makeup) for a while now, but I am excited to get one made just for athlete's! 

Upon opening the box, you are created with a motivational quote.  Always a little nice to have some inspiration.  Inside, the box was packed full of treats!  Sitting right on top was a package of Popcorners, which I've had before and really enjoyed. 

Also inside was the full line of GU products - GU Brew, Gels, Chomps and Recovery Drink.  This is great, these will last me for a while and I'm excited tor try some new items (Chomps and Recovery Drink).  I'm also excited to try the GU Brew.  I'm looking for a new electrolyte drink other then NUUN. 

It also came with 2 protein bars (one Luna and one Go Yeah).  Never heard of the Go Yeah, but looks good.

The last item in the box was completely new to me and I am interesting in trying it.  It's from Powerbar and it's a energy source.  It's fruit based - Apple Mango Strawberry flavored.  It says to take either before working out or during.  Just like an energy gel.  I do get sick of the gels after a while so I am excited to try a non-gel for workouts (sometimes the sugar is just too much, you know)?  I will definitely let you know how it goes.

Overall, I am excited to try all my new products.  It's only $15 a month and you get lots of products so I think it is worth it.  Anyone else ever tried Kona Kase

Want to try Kona Kase for yourself?  Get your first month for only $7.50 by using this link:

Disclosure: I paid for this box myself (I doubt Kona Kase even knows who I am) and just wanted to share my excitement about the items.  All opinions are mine.  I am part of the referral program and do get a perk for referring new members.  Hope you enjoy your own box if you do buy one!

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