Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2 for Tuesday

I made a new recipe last night for dinner - Spicy Thai Noodles.  It came about pretty quickly - I saw it on a blog I read, realized I had all the ingredients except 1 and knew I could put it together (even though I had been away all weekend and not grocery shopped).  I stopped for my one missing item and threw it together.  It was quite delicious and made lots of left overs!  Grab the recipe here.

Which brings me to my next find - Pepperplate.  It's a great website - kind of like Pinterest, but better for recipes.  When you find a recipe you like, it adds it to your pepperplate account - includes a picture, the ingredients and instructions.  You can even add notes and labels (thai, dinner, smoothie, etc).  It even has a meal planner and then you can add the items to your grocery list.  Pretty nifty app for keeping recipes and lists.  I love pinterest, but you still have to click through for the recipe - this keeps the recipes for you!

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